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Title: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on May 13, 2015, 10:21 AM
So this is me, and these are my bikes:-

Name:- Mick (previously known on here as ďmickrich393Ē);

Occupation:- English teacher;

Years Collecting:- That's a difficult one! First off, I think of myself as a BMXer rather than a collector, and the bug hasnít really left me for over 35 years. That said, I didnít start dipping in my pocket again until about 2011.

Interests:- BMX, snowboarding, motorsports and the Land of the Rising Sun! :bow:

Dislikes:- Photobucket (greedy bar stewards), Facebook ("1984" springs to mind), mis-descriptions of old school bmx bikes and parts on eBay, people who don't acknowledge you when you give way to them and smokers who flick their cigarette butts out of car windows! :2gunsfiring_v1: That should just about cover it for the moment! ;)

Favourite BMX:- 1983 Laserlite :smitten:

Favourite old school bmx brands:- Kuwahara, VDC, Redline, CW, Torker, Skyway, Patterson, GT, Mongoose, etc, etc.

Favourite mid-school bmx brand:- S&M

Favourite new-school bmx brand:- Crupi

BMX history:-  Iíve always loved things with wheels, be they two, four, or in the case of the Tyrrell P34 Formula 1 car, six, but my route into BMX was the iconic tank that is the Raleigh Grifter, a metallic blue one of which I rode around on in the late 70s. I got into BMX proper in or about 1981/2, cemented by the famous chase scene in ET. I started off buying magazines then picked up an old Cycle Pro frameset with a mish-mash of secondhand parts. Thereafter was a familiar story of constant swapping and upgrading of parts as and when they broke and/or paper round money allowed. The Cycle Pro was replaced by a second or third-hand Redline frameset (canít remember the model now but it was white!) on which I ended up cracking the fork dropouts and doing a rattlecan spray job. Next up was a white CW California Freestyler complete, which was the second bike of the only guy in town who owned a Kuwahara Laserlite Ė my dream bike! The CW was the most expensive set-up I'd had up to that point but as nice as it was, I preferred the lines and ride of a racer, so I ended up selling it and buying a VDC-made Trident Ė the nearest I was ever going to get to another dream bike Ė a VDC Changa!  I bought the Trident frame and fork set new from Hot Wheels (down in Pokesdown, Bournemouth) in the mid-1980s, carried it home on the bus and had to put some of the stickers on myself. I then built it up with various parts including the white Tuff IIs and opc set-up from the CW, the unknown, nickel-plated bars that were on the Cycle Pro and a new Kashimax Aero which Iíd picked up along the way. The bike more or less stayed that way from then through the 90s (following me to university in London, a year up in Chester and subsequent stints in Southampton, Bournemouth and Salisbury) before being put into storage in or about 2004. Below is a pic that I took of it on a visit back to England in 2011.

With the Trident in storage and me teaching abroad (in Hungary, South Korea and Japan), I started looking for an old school, daily rider and thatís when I started looking online and found Radbmx and the BMX Museum. I finally pulled the trigger on an í87 Haro Group 1 RS3 in 2011, bought from the Museum and shipped over from the States to Japan.  Not the highest-spec Haro but I loved the combination of the classic Haro blue colour scheme with the lines of a racing rather than freestyle frame.

When I first moved to Japan in 2009 I had dreams of finding an old, abandoned Laserlite or in fact any Kuwahara! However, those dreams have yet to materialize so I did the next best thing and bought one from the States, which was still worth doing despite the additional hassle and expense of shipping. The Haro was therefore sold to make way for a '83 Laserlite!

So after 30-odd years I finally had my dream bike. With the Haro sold, the Laserlite became my rider in its homeland (although itís still not finished Ė are they ever!?), with the Trident waiting for some attention back in England. My original, quite sensible idea was to build up and keep one or both of these bikes because who really needs more than 2 bikes?! But as many of you know, thatís the start of a slippery road which led to me buying two more flippin' framesets!!!!

So I now have 2 bikes in Blighty (the Trident & Motobecane) and 2 in Japan (the Kuwi and Free Agent)!! :crazy2: Iím currently building the FA over here and plan to sort out the Trident and/or Motobecane this summer, both using parts that Iíve slowly been gathering or can pick up at MK15! :Great_Britain:

I will update this thread with pics of the 4 bikes as and when theyíre done. In the meantime, keep it :radbmxsmilie:
Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on September 11, 2015, 08:04 AM
A couple of updates. First off, a sneak preview of another piece of Japanese exotica. This is my new project, but it's going on the backburner until the Free Agent and Motobecane are done, whenever that may be!! ;D

Next up is the Trident, which is finally going to get the attention it deserves. The last 4 years in a Buckinghamshire garage had not been kind to the chromework, so it's now receiving some tlc in Oxfordshire! Below are some pics of it before it went, along with my race jersey and plate from bitd.
Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on May 28, 2016, 11:22 AM
Time for an update! :daumenhoch:  First up, are some pics of the now-completed Free Agent. & with the FA done, it's now time for a bit of French action! & waiting in the wings is a little beauty from New Jersey!! :D
Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on September 11, 2016, 11:08 AM
& I'm a sucker for survivor decals, so this one's now waiting in the wings too :D
Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on November 11, 2016, 11:31 PM
Below are a few shots of the finished Motobecane MX400:-

With the exception of the Tioga disc, I'm pretty chuffed how it came out, though that's the 2nd time I've tried and failed to use that disc well, so it will definitely be left in the parts bin for the next build!! It's now time for the Redline 500a to get some blue and yellow attention!

Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on March 01, 2017, 01:00 PM
Had a bit of a reshuffle of builds, with the Redline put on the backburner and the Ross MX-Time being bumped up the build  list, as per the pics below!

Why the change of plan? Well there's a new arrival on the way, or more accurately, a new school arrival!! :daumenhoch:   
Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on March 25, 2017, 12:27 AM
& this is the afore-mentioned new kid on the block - my first foray into the brave new world of "new school" BMX in the form of a 2011 Crupi Pro XL! I already love this bike, which is handy because it's going to take me back on the track for the first time in 30-odd years! Riders ready, watch the lights old guy with a shiny new bike!!! :daumenhoch:
Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on April 18, 2017, 10:20 AM
& here's the Crupi in action:-
Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on January 04, 2018, 08:11 AM
Have made a few changes to the Crupi, namely wheels, chainwheel, chain, seat, seat post clamp and pedals! :daumenhoch:
Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on January 21, 2018, 10:28 AM
Back to my old school roots for the next addition to my collection, in the form of the Redline referred to above. It's an í84 Redline 500a sporting the series 3 decals that I painstakingly applied to mine bitd, following a crappy, rattle can spray job! I've therefore always had a soft spot for Redlines and when this one popped up for sale I couldnít resist it - not only for the good condition of the chromework and those nostalgic decals, but also the og shop decal on the seat tube. Whilst these are always nice to see, this one is from none other than Stu Thomsenís Family Bicycle Center in Riverside, California. So although this one may not be a Stu Thomsen Redline, at least I can say that it came from his shop! With the frameset shipped over from California to Japan, I started to collect parts for it but then decided to go racing, so the build and my other old school stuff went on the backburner. However, at the end of 2017 the building bug returned and I got this finished by recycling some parts from other bikes and using a few parts that I had been saving for future builds. I also went for a bit of a blue and yellow theme, inspired by a couple of other bikes Iíd seen but with a few personal touches of my own. Anyway, enough blurb, here are some pics, the final one showing the bike that started it all, in its naked, post-rattle can, pre-decal state! :daumenhoch:
Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on June 10, 2018, 01:10 AM
Took some pics of my Crupi a few weeks ago and as I was taking them, my iPhone freaked out and froze! Not sure what happened but I ended up with this piece of psychedelia! I like it! :daumenhoch:
Title: Re: Mikku
Post by: Mikku on April 17, 2019, 11:24 PM
A bit of an update - the Free Agent, MX-Time and Motobecane have all gone, leaving me with "just" the Trident, Laserlite and Redline completes and my Thruster project on the backburner. Not forgetting of course my Crupi race bike, the latest evolution of which is shown below in action at Oizumi race track in Osaka. :daumenhoch: