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Title: Benno
Post by: benno on February 11, 2018, 11:32 PM
This is long overdue ,
I’ll start from the beginning , the first pic is from 2011 when I dragged my 84 Haro Sport out of me mums garage and decided to restore it, I had this new for Xmas in 1985 I’d like to think it was 84 but the reality is I can’t remember and it was probably 85 , I know I had it powdered red in around 86-87 as there was a candy red craze going on round then .
1st pic , 84 3rd gen Sport pre resto
2nd pic , 84 3rd gen Sport nicely restored imo 😂 (still own)
3rd pic , next build was a Rickman freestyler sadly now sold
4th , 84 Haro Master gen 3 (still own)
5th , 84 Haro FST completing my 84 tai made Haro trilogy (still own)
Title: Re: Benno
Post by: benno on February 11, 2018, 11:44 PM
Then along came a red 85 Haro fst
1st pic 85 neon red Haro FST survivor paint and ink (still own)
2nd pic Skyway TA , never got round to restoring this and sold it on
3rd pic 84 US made Hutch Trickstar (still own)
4th pic 85 Green Haro FST sold last year to an old school friend
5th pic 84 Candy blue Curtis Freestyler ( still own )
Title: Re: Benno
Post by: benno on February 11, 2018, 11:55 PM
Every BMX collection needs a Raleigh Burner and they don’t come any better than the Aero Pro models
1st pic Team Aero Pro Burner , complete og survivor (still own)
2nd 84 Haro Sport factory spec of survivor (still own)
3rd pic 85 US made Hutch Hollywood (still own)
4th pic Craig Campbell Prolite rattle canned and built in a rush just to get it to MK17 has since been broken up and sold
5th pic Retro Haro Lineage FST in neon red (still own)
Title: Re: Benno
Post by: benno on February 12, 2018, 12:07 AM
That brings us up to date , in between the above bikes there has also been a chrome Rickman Freestyler which I sold to Kerryman and he’s still got it, also there was a Haro Group 1 which got sold on sadly no pics of either of these , I do have another new school Wethepeople versus but no pic of that either
Currently I have on the build bench a Craig Campbell Prolite in baby blue , build thread in Tech section
And I’ve been lucky enough to score an og paint and ink 84 gen 2 Haro Sport from Brummie Dave 😘 this will get done after the CC and hopefully intime for MK18 ( if it’s on of course 😂)
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