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Title: MrD
Post by: MrD on May 31, 2019, 09:12 PM
Well about time I took some time to write something. As for many here BMX was all we lived (BITD for me anyway as there are people that have never stopped - hats off)

Born 1972, Dragged up in the South east of the UK mainly Kent, work in print (engineering side now) and currently love a bit of OCR

Raleigh Burner 1st BMX
Followed by a Super tuff burner - no pics  :(
Then a Diamond Back Silver streak which I raced at Buckmore park & Barnehurst
Don't remember how I got the hutch which was sprayed many colours over the years but ended up pink as per pic  - Man I could bunny hop that thing!
Borrowed a Ripper for a year or so - which I cracked whilst bunny hopping- whoops

As you can notice I was never in to the freestyle side of things
Title: Re: MrD
Post by: MrD on May 31, 2019, 09:37 PM
My 1st old age build

Pre serial Pro Racer F&F
Deep H
2" Hutch 2n1
OG white Hutch pedals/brown bearings with JDB cages
Hutch Gen 2 bars
Maxy cross crank
Uni Turbo seat
Hutch gen 2 seat clamp
tech 3
Dia compe 1020
Dia Compe 84 cable
repop Ame's
repop comp 3's
Zeronine superflow plate with Haro push pin number
Title: Re: MrD
Post by: MrD on May 31, 2019, 09:45 PM
Hutch XL24 F&F – MCS made Hutch rocket forks and double stamp brake bridge – Restored
Hutch OG Crusier bars – Restored & with NOS Hutch raised edge decal
Hutch OG Deep H stem – Restored
Hutch OG Pedals with NOS cages & Crushers
Hutch Flite pad set
Hutch gen1 seat clamp
Tioga BB NOS
Tange MX3 headset NOS
Redline 401 single pinch full wrap 180 crank
Redline Gen 1 bubble font chainwheel
MX1000 rear caliper 83
Dia compe Tech 3 lever 83 =NOS
Dia compe  rear cable 83
Araya 7x
Campagnolo Sheriff star hubs
OG Comp 3 tyres – yellow label
Rad Kaps
OG Oakley B1B’s
Elina Ul seat - currently
UNI seat cover - NOS
Title: Re: MrD
Post by: MrD on April 12, 2020, 07:59 PM
The latest build

1983 PK Ripper Frame
Landing gear forks
NOS MX3 headset
Tuf Neck stem
Renthal Bars
Ame grips – repop
NOS Tech 3 – 83
MX1000 Caliper - 84
Dia Compe 83 cable
Takagi 180 crank
NOS Sugino Spider
NOS Tuf Neck Chainwheel
Hutch Pedals
NOS Ukai 1 1/8”rims 
Suzue Sealed bearing hubs
Comp 3 Tyres – Blue/Yellow label 83-85
Uni Hammerhead seat

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