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« on: February 11, 2017, 05:06 PM »
Andrew T.
Age - 46
Occupation - Computer technician.
Reside - Bognor Regis & Barnham, West Sussex
Other hobbies - computers.
Likes - American made/designed mid school and new school. Going to skate parks.

"An amazing example of double aspect photography" You'll have to forgive me on that, I am autistic so very few photos of me exist.

I had a couple of old school bikes but neither really grabbed me. I did like the old school, but I grew much bigger and stronger during the mid school so I had all of my fun there. I started collecting in 2013, got a few now. At one point (I can't remember when) I decided to just build the underground stuff (so like, Standard, T1, 2hip and so on) but a couple of bikes came up I liked the look of.

This is my 07 MAAS Ruben. I bought it as a bare frame and painted it with HOK Rootbeer candy, going for that 70s vibe.

I won't be changing anything on this.

2007 Terrible One Ruben Alcantara frame (MAAS USA) painted in Root Beer candy by HOK
Conspiracy Hitman Pro fork chrome
2018 St Martin Liberte Grave bars
T1 grips
T1 bar ends
Dia Compe Goldfinger levers
Dia Compe Potts bolt
KHE Affix stem with gold skull cap
Illegal Bikes headset
Snafu polished top plate
Stolen Satellite gyro
Gold Gyro cables
Jagwire Gold Medal cables
BDsnail gold inline adjusters and cable caps
Alex X22 rims on sealed hub w/rear cassette 12t 14mm axles
Odyssey Elm St 1.85" Flatland tyres with S&M tubes
Eyeball valve caps
Proper Bikes gold cable hanger
24seven bash guard 28t chainring
Snafu Mayweather cranks black
Flybikes Ruben Alcantara graphite pedals
Stolen BB in gold (Spanish)
Odyssey Springfield F&R with Evoke gold blocks
Billet flatland pegs (14mm)
United Tripod seat post with United courdory seat
Standard copy clamp

Moving on, 2012 Proper Brick Shit House. Carlo helped a great deal with this one.

Proper BSH (Brick Shit House) V1

Proper BSH V1 frame painted flip purple/blue
Proper Microlite front wheel on 3/8 Proper hub (blue)
Proper Microlite rear wheel on Salt + EX hub 9t 14mm (purple)
Salt + pro fork yellow
Stolen Joint tyres
Alone tubes
Proper Microlite headset
Proper BB
Stolen 4130 chrome cranks
ODY Twisted pedals yellow
Evoke 25t sprocket, purple
BSD Forever chain
Colony One Way pegs
DC Boomerang and DC cable holder
ODY Springfield brake (silver) and ODY lever (black)
Evoke clear/purple pads
Mutant Bikes Rio V2 stem (jet fuel)
Vocal Neptune bars
Cult/Vans grips (yellow) with Savage bar ends (purple)
Snafu Astroglide cable
Acor Lizzy hanger (purple)
Shadow conspiracy seat clamp (blue skulls)
Vader skull seat
Promax post (25.4)

2001 Standard STA converted to brakeless and using a Pitbull.

Rode this one all last summer. Total blast. Not as heavy as I thought it would be either, but then it does use a lot of modern parts/wheels etc.

2001 Standard STA frame powdered black
Mongoose fork, powdered black
Vocal Neptune bars, cut and powdered black
Custom self drawn "Enola Gay" decals
Stolen Mob 3 cranks
Graveyard copy sprocket I had made for the build 28t
Nukeproof Horizon pedals with Ti axles
Stolen BB
Blue Ahead set
Dia Compe Potts mod
Vocal bar ends
Ame grips
ODI "Grip Guard" blue
Stolen wheels, with stolen hubs blue 9t driver
"Killa" tyres with Alone tubes
Brave Pogo seat clamp with Brave post and U.S flag seat
Tektro levers, Tektro front brake with ODY Pitbull (NOS) on rear
Evoke brake pads (blue and clear)
Evoke cables
Evoke stem
Bomb dust caps blue

I have a few other bikes, but no pics of them complete and what they look like now. Currently working on that. This is what I ride daily. Update 13/07/20. Now has Box One carbon bars and a really expensive seat. Needs the grips fitting and some bar ends.

But again, has been changed since that pic was taken. It's a 2009 SE DC Shoes fixed, converted to freewheel, disc brake, carbon cranks, carbon post (and soon to be carbon bars and seat).

2000 S&M Dirt Bike Next Generation frame with Lo Rider decals and S&M shield head badge
S&M Pitch Fork
Onza Mongo III headset (sealed external)
SNAFU Armstrong stem
Hoffman Jumping Bars (MK1)
S&M logo grips (yellow) with shield bar ends
Odyssey Pitbull II lever
DC 990 black
Fibrax cable
F-IT Indent cranks (first gen)
DMR Saturn sprocket
DMR V8 pedals
Sealed 19mm American BB
Alex X EE wheels 14mm rear 10mm front
Nutrak trail tyres
Huffy seat clamp
25.4 Alu post
Velo padded seat (red glitter)
S&M whip girl pads (have shields too)

GPFU number 27

2019 Metal Kizz 21" burgundy (number 27)
Primo Balance fork
Primo top cap
Bone Deth Muffin Top stem
Primo Superbite cranks with Stevie BB
Bone Deth Speedfreak 25t
Primo Stevie headset
Fit T/A tyres 2.3
Mankind bars Bone Deth Burning Rubber grips and ends
Odyssey Quadrant rims on Sunday silver hubs
Bone Deth Vibrator seat
S&M Long Johnson post
Federal pedals
Cult Half link chain
Firma brake lever
Snafu Astroglide clear cable.

2001 Specialized Fatboy (HEMI) MX

Original frame
Original fork
Original stem & stem cap
Radio 2pc bars
Sealed headset
THE racing seat with ETC post
Original seat clamp
Shimano DX lever
Fibrax cable
Box Three brake (red)
Shimano cranks with red alloy 44t ring
Black chain
Shimano sealed square taper BB on SRAM Euro to American adapter
Welgo Bear traps
Alienation PBR wheels red
Vandoorm Comp III w/Vandoorm tubes
16t rear freewheel

Hand drawn custom decal set (made myself)
Repainted with a black frame and parts and a red front end.
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Re: Midschoolfool
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2018, 09:44 AM »

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Re: Midschoolfool
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2020, 04:29 PM »
Current projects. I will delete these as they are completed and put them in the OP.

2017 Haro Master flatland. Updated 13/07/20. Just the brakes to do and it's done.

Very nice bike. Still not finished.

2007 4130 Quad.

02 Root Down

17 Mirra Pro (still boxed)

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Re: Midschoolfool
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2020, 04:54 PM »
Coming soon...
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