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« on: August 28, 2018, 11:14 PM »
Site Name: gaf16
Real Name:  Gareth Hine.
Occupation: Sales Director.
Years Collecting: Since 2005 on and off.
Interests: Cycling / golf / my twin boys / bikes / watching road cycling / supporting THE VILLA / old school trainers / casuals fashion & history etc..
Dislikes: Not many really. Pretentious Knob Heads.
Favourite BMX:  DP Firebird Delta II, Akisu & Falcon Cruisers.
Favourite Old School BMX Brands: DP, Akisu, Redline, Birmingham Wheels, MRD.
Favourite place: Villa Park / My Bed.


1983 Akisu MX Cr-Mo

Spec as follows:

1983 Akisu MX Cr-Mo f&f in survivor chrome
NOS Hsin Lung CW style bars
NOS SM Mushroom Grips
NOS Profile stem
NOS Aero pad set
NOS Meng Jing layback post
NOS Aero saddle
NOS Sugino spider
NOS Sugino CT 3 piece crank
NOS SR Custom pedals
NOS Weinmann rims (shiney sided)
NOS high flange SR hubs
NOS Mirage number plate
NOS bottom bracket & headset
NOS bottom bracket boot
NOS Landar axle nuts
Izumi chain

Repro Dia-Compe lever
Repro Dia-Compe caliper
Repro Dia-Compe seatpost clamp
Repro Tyres
Repro custom decals from Del.

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Re: gaf16
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2018, 06:10 PM »
Falcon Pro Beta 24 cruiser build now complete with new decals from Del applied.

1981 Falcon Pro Beta 24 Cruiser

Awaiting return from powder coaters in new candy apple red for frame, forks and bars.
Original chrome beyond saving.
I have a collection of gold parts waiting for the build.
NOS 24" Araya type rims dated 1982.
NOS Malliard gold hubs.
Yellow skin wall tyres.
SR 1 piece crank original to bike.
NOS Landar gold brake lever.
NOS Weinmann gold rear brake calliper.
NOS Landar gold seat post clamp.
NOS fluted gold layback seat post.
Profile gold XL stem.
NOS Landar spider and gold chain ring.
NOS yellow San Marco aero seat.
NOS yellow Ame Cam grips.
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