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BMX Chat / Re: Me Tarzan, you Jane.
« Last post by Midschoolfool on May 28, 2024, 02:16 PM »
OK to catch up. The bike is mostly built now, sans the sprocket and rear pegs.

I made the upper cable out of a lower. I wish I hadn't, it was such a dick. It works though. If you were wondering why I did this? because it was free. I really don't want to sink another penny into this.  :LolLolLolLol:

The peg washers came today. I didn't want to fit the rear pegs (they are 10mm btw to match the axles) without some support. The adapters in there now are about 3mm high, then the pegs start. So if you stood on them? they would tip and bend the axle. They need these which just arrived.

But there is little point given I am waiting on the sprocket to be machined. The Pro Taper grips came and they are the perfect length, so I will probably fit those tomorrow.
Tech and Restoration / Another project. This time it's a lambo !
« Last post by Midschoolfool on May 27, 2024, 03:34 PM »

So I now refer to the Ti bike as "My Ferrari". I only gave it that nickname when I noticed how much red I had put on it. Thing is it shares a lot in common with a rari. Mostly I never take it out in the wet, polish and clean it on the regs and it's the sports car of bikes.

So, even though that one ended up quite spendy (1500 quid. That is A LOT of bike for that much, the frame RRP is 400 quid more ffs !) this one should not. I reckon about a third, to half of that. That doesn't mean it will be crap, I just got really lucky....

So the other day I was looking on the bay after a mate on another forum asked where I kept getting  all the frames from. I went and looked for him but you know how it ends up  :LolLolLolLol:

Well what I found was some NOS unpainted frames. Bianchi, Pinarello etc. Like, literally cutting edge frames of the time. This particular one is a Pinarello Treviso and back in 2014 it cost about 5 grand.

Because these bikes were so expensive they used to send them out like that. IE, at that price the customer could then specify a colour and they would paint it. The only image I can find of a complete one is this.

It's gorgeous. How much for the frames? 45 quid  :LolLolLolLol: I shit thee not.

So my mate grabbed one, and then I might have grabbed one too. My brother came over to collect my old PK, like this.

And we got chatting and yeah he may have ended up taking my frame the bastud. I then ordered another.  :LolLolLolLol:

The nice thing is she is literally ready. What prep work is required is absolutely minimal. They have even smoothed off the head tube, primed it and etc. So that got the ideas flowing. I have a bike with lots of red, let's do a lambo inspired build.

"Pineapple Passion" it is called. Proper 2k bobby and all.

I then started calculating what parts I needed. Turns out I already had a load. I did not, however, have a fork so I got this from the same place for 80 quid.

Ridley carbon fork.  This bike is going to have rear gears. The first I have ever done.

I then ordered a lot of parts. First stop was Ali Express looking for some bars and I found them too.

25.4 clamping area. So I got a stem on there too for a fiver (the bars were 35 inc shipping and VAT).

So that is the front end and steering sorted. I then proceeded to gentlemans relish 150 quid on brakes.


When I took the Ti bike out for the test run and speed test (fook me it's fast) I ripped the back of my leg open bringing it back up the stairs. Which made me very angry, as I got blood all over my shorts. So I found these.

You insert two fingers, pull the lever out and they fold up. Cables.

Wheels I am not sure about yet. Like I say, I have never ever set up gears before so the wheels will be ordered last minute. What I did know was this was sitting in the loft.

And the cranks on it are not safe for a BMX. They are hollow carbon, and they flex inward. So you can not stand up and ride on them. As such I had no problem doing this.

'cause I am having that seat post too. I am 99% sure the seat tube on the Pinarello is 27.2

Then a set of fatter tyres. 28c.

With enough grip to go over gravel and stones (something I would not be happy about doing on the Ti bike !).

I only really need wheels now, but again I will wait until I am ready. Oh and a rear derailleur and a simple bar mount shifter. For the seat I will finally be using this.

Frame should arrive fast (last one did) and the paint should arrive by Weds too. I am hoping to get it all painted by the end of the week.

I was right. It fookin FLIES  :LolLolLolLol:

Was taking a rest.

Perfect spot for it. So tranquil.
BMX Chat / Re: Me Tarzan, you Jane.
« Last post by Midschoolfool on May 23, 2024, 06:21 PM »
My pegs and seat clamp arrived just as I was about to walk out of the door. So I got a quick pic.

I had to come back to finish the PK for my brother. He is coming Saturday to collect me and the bike. So I got that done yesterday and am now enjoying some down time. What I love most about those pegs is the size. They are far smaller than they seem. It will be more apparent once they are on the frame etc but yeah, look at them compared to the seat clamp. More pegs should be that size tbh.

I have ordered these too.

I have a pile of axle adapters but not ones for pegs. What I mean is they are only about 16mm at the flared part. This means that when you put pegs on there is a 2mm gap between the peg and the drop. IE, if I stand my fat ass on said pegs they will bend the axles in moments. Those are sized to take the whole peg end.

I also ordered these. Might use them, might not. The T1 grips are a bit long and encroach on the brake levers.

Sprocket was sent to my mate to machine out today.
BMX Chat / Re: Me Tarzan, you Jane.
« Last post by Midschoolfool on May 21, 2024, 04:00 PM »
See you all next week.  fistblump

BMX Chat / Re: Me Tarzan, you Jane.
« Last post by Midschoolfool on May 20, 2024, 08:24 PM »
OK so the decals should be good to go on tomorrow. The clear takes 48 hours for a full cure. For now I ordered some more parts. Went with this to match the gyro so I don't have to strip it. Jane's bling I shall call it.

Got four Eastern Reaper pegs.

And what came in today (plus the gyro which I dug out also)

BMX Chat / Re: Sarah-Jane Nichols
« Last post by Mikku on May 20, 2024, 11:38 AM »
Her story was picked up by US tv:-

BMX Chat / Re: Me Tarzan, you Jane.
« Last post by Midschoolfool on May 19, 2024, 04:51 PM »
Done. It has one run, thanks to a spider. Seriously the little fukkas kept showing up thinking they had scored the ultimate place to catch shit to eat. Will fix that in two days when it cures fully.

And relax...

All I need now is for City to win and knob the gooners  :LolLolLolLol:
Welcome / Re: Any Unannounced Newbie's On Here?
« Last post by mong_expert on May 18, 2024, 09:37 AM »
Hi, a bit late to the party here, but I guess I am a newbie.  Registered on here eons ago.  I've an '83 expert I'm trying to build.  Could've said hello by now at least tho.. :)
BMX Chat / Re: Sarah-Jane Nichols
« Last post by brettypeeps on May 18, 2024, 01:18 AM »
Still a British BMX legend. Well done Sarah-Jane
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