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New School Park, Street & Dirt / Re: old guy with new school and crank probs
« Last post by fattaffracingco on September 25, 2017, 01:21 AM »
thanks oldtired, really good info ,firstly thanks for reply and not snubbing me down to my budget choice of ride,even tho I'm a newbie I have already come across a certain selectiveness regarding brand loyalty but hey ho -- I'm now pretty confident that I do have the American bb but I will post picky in next day or so just to confirm
I will go with the iyo better quality crank
I have already bought a 25t front sprocket I will check that guide tho
funnyily enough altho both bikes same make they are slightly different styled with different gearing with one being 20 something and the other 44 t
I have quite a few pics on my phone but not on laptop so will have to link phone , sorry I'm not techy minded with computers
also will look into set of used pedals might go shimano ala old school
really really helpful info man, thanks , will update u on my findings
Hmmm 2hr drive for me , but interested , what time are the sessions Ed ?

what Ben said  :angel:

be great to see ya man ... more people should get out for a roll without booze to motivate them.

There ... I said it.
Mandatory In  :angel:
Wanted/Needed / Re: One of those BMX's with 24" wheels made in the 80s!
« Last post by BMX1973 on September 24, 2017, 07:45 PM »
Nice bike but would like to add a Redline or Mongoose to my cruiser collection  :daumenhoch:

Needs 24" wheels, made in the 80's and a cheaper alternative to the high end brands you seek. ???
That's ace John - glad to see you've got the vibe again  :daumenhoch:

Now stick it in BOTM  ;)
John, I've sooooooo missed the sight of those fence panels, great to see you back at it mate and what a great little Goose, she looks chuffed to bits with it.

Are those conkers getting put to one side for Joffy to sniff?  :D
Will there be a Bee Cam?
So with the inspiration of MK still fresh in my mind, a promise to myself to get back building still ringing in my ears, and the youngest finally past the "Barbie Bike" phase it was time to blow the cobwebs off the tyre levers, chain splitter, spanners and allen keys and put a rider together for my daughter.........

I had all sorts of "pink" fear in my mind, but, she surprised me and said "Dad, I want a RED one" Ace !  :laugh:


The 1984 Mitygoose was the natural doner frame out of the collection.....

For those who haven't seen it before here's a couple of old threads on the various builds of this bike if you're interested:

Original survivor in 2010 :,107884

Re-built in in 2012 :,145821

And now to present day - it was time to return this bike to it's purpose in life...... bring the fun of BMX to a kid  :4_17_5:

1984 Mitygoose frame & forks M4B0912 - original chrome & original decals
original Mitygoose bars
original Mitygoose wheels (CMC rims / KK hubs)
original Mitygoose crank & chainwheel
original Mitygoose headset & BB
original survivor mongoose padset
mongoose stem
mongoose grips
original pro-class brake set (Lee Chi MX100A/900A/Tech 3)
MKS traps
Person's quilted seat from the states
NOS MX hinged clamp (not DC but an original old school cheapo  ;D)
comp3 style 16" tyres from the bay

So here she is all dressed in red for my daughter - we built it together and she was one happy girl when it was done  ;)


Then it was time to take it for a spin !


Couple of old geese together  :)


We even managed to get some conkers on the trip  :coolsmiley:


Happy days  :daumenhoch:

So I am back, no really this time I am, like honest. Got the unbuilt frames out of the eaves and everything  :shocked:

Watch this space........  :-X :D

That's a shame Griff

Tis gonna be a good 'un

See you soon .L
Get yourself down jim and heckle the fck out of the filthy b'sterds

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